Advanced Open Verification Methodology (OVM)

This three-day workshop is designed for OVM users who want to take their skills to the next level. Topics include layering stimulus, concurrent process synchronization, handling interrupts and multiple response types, and building scalable, reusable testbenches.

Putting together real world testbenches require more than just knowing the components of the OVM library.  Real world testbenches have issues that require knowing how to apply the OVM library to solve them.  Issues such as multiple interfaces to the DUT, layering stimulus, concurrent process synchronization, dealing with behaviors such as interrupts and multiple response types, and building scalable, reusable testbenches are addressed.

In this Advanced OVM  class you will gain experience in dealing with these and other testbench challenges.  The class works through various testbench issues and challenges providing solutions.  You will be able to apply these solutions to your testbench.  You will also take away from this class detailed real world example testbenches that provide a great reference in doing your testbench. 


  • Introduction
  • DUT-TB Interface
  • Container Classes
    • Pools, queues
  • Process Synchronization
    • Events, barriers, End of Test
  • Virtual Sequences
  • Registers
  • Response Handling
  • Interrupt handling
  • Layered Stimulus
  • Coverage driven testing
  • Emulation Considerations 
  • UVM Registers
    • Register Model
    • Register Model Integration
    • Register Model use
    • Advanced Register Model topics

Hands-On Labs 

A good portion of class time will be spent applying principles learned in lecture to hands-on labs.


This is an advanced class and students are expected to be very familiar with the OVM library or have taken our OVM Introductory course.