Introduction to UNIX Programming and Scripting

This 2 day class will introduce the student to Linux/UNIX scripting tools, including shell scripting, make, sed, awk, and regular expressions.

Upon completion of this class, the student will be able to write useful UNIX/Linux scripts to automate tasks. Students will be introduced to practical shell script programming (csh/sh/bash), makefile programming for automating software production and use (make/gmake), automated text processing using sed, awk, and regular expressions.

The format of the class is mixed lecture/lab, with lab exercises immediately following each major topic. The lab exercises are intended to reinforce the preceding lecture topic(s), and are designed to be directly applicable in an EDA context.


Day 1
  • Section 1
    • Using UNIX
    • Using Editors
    • Shells
    • Command Line Editing
    • Customizing your Environment
    • Shell I/O and Redirection
  • Section 2
    • Shell Programming
    • Basic Shell Scripting
    • Functions
    • Flow Control
    • Process Control
Day 2
  • Section 3
    • Using awk and sed
    • Regular Expressions
    • sed Commands
    • Using awk
    • awk Programming
    • awk Functions
  • Section 4
    • Automating tasks with Make
    • make terminology
    • make variables
    • command lines in makefiles

Hands-On Labs

A good portion of class time will be spent applying principles learned in lecture to hands-on labs.


Some basic experience using UNIX or Linux would be beneficial.